About us

In this competitive world, it is very hard to find a gem in the vast ocean of education.  With the increasing options in the field of education and career, one can find a number of companies providing help and guidance to the students in pursuing their desired courses and propel them in the right way to get success in their career path. We at Algaexam.com have a wide vision to create India’s largest solution centre in the realm of education and career. Algaexam.com is incepted with an aim to spread the relevant educational information to all and allow the parents to make their children explore the most vital knowledge & details and find the most suitable option for their education.


Algaexam.com is a promising and one of the rapidly growing start-ups in the country.  It is an excellent knowledge sharing platform where anyone can get relevant and desired the latest educational information and can explore the most suitable options to pursue the course he/she ever dreamt off. We strive to create opportunities for those who have a sincere intention and genuine aspiration, and who seek excellent quality in student services, tuitions, exam coaching, and career prospects post qualification. Here, you can also get to know about the best universities and colleges in India. With us, you can find all the possible preparation resources & updates for various exams and careers.


There is no denying the fact that an appropriate performance under the right guidance, with a feasible method on the correct time, can create history. So, we are here to stand by you to hold your hands to drive you towards success. We at Algaexam.com act as the bridge between our respectable seekers to come together in order to meet their requirements. We have pillared by a team of teachers, educational experts, family members, and friends who are committed to make difference in the life of individuals who are either want to pursue their desired course or interested in making a successful career in education domain.


Our Vision -


  • To systematize all the relevant educational information and make sure that it is accessible and beneficial for all. 
  • To provide effortless & extraordinary quality service and committed to upgrade it at a regular interval. 
  • To work hard in order to become the largest communication channel between different potential visitors including, exam aspirants, students, teachers, employers, organizations, job seekers, coaching institutes, schools, colleges, universities, etc.


Our Mission -


  • Our mission is to generate extensive knowledge and information to develop a far-reaching understanding of academics and comprehensive growth so that an individual can achieve a social acknowledgement to upgrade the quality of life. 
  • At Algaexam.com, we aim to set excellent examples for others with our distinctive quality of services for the students, education providers and other organizations.


Our Core Values – Our core values include the following: -




  • The decisions made and the performance done at Algaexam.com is fair enough. We follow the highest standard of professionalism so that we will be recognized doing so.
  • We have the crystal clear transparency so that we can create a positive image thereby leading in developing brand names in the wide-open, unbound market of today’s world.
  • We are accountable for our promises made in all anticipated manner. 
  • Loyalty and dignified attitude is the strength of every healthy relationship whether in the social or professional world. We at Algaexam.com understand your needs and deliver accordingly.


Self – Discipline:


  • It is necessary to keep your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits in control.  We at Algaexam.com have a great team which creates a great environment to transform an individual into a great personality. We strive to maintain good leadership with great thoughts and words which are adequate enough to make a revolutionary change in the social environment. 
  • At Algaexam.com, we keep a completely optimistic approach towards the overall personality of each and every member. We strive to improve the confidence and strong will power of the individuals to lead the path of success within a short period.


Respect and Dignity:


Respect and dignity in a particular workplace always follow the golden rules of treating others the way you expected to be treated. We at Algaexam.com.ensure that everyone will show respect and dignity to each other while having a free-flow of ideas and clear policies on expected work outcomes and behaviour. We try to maintain the healthy workplaces that have a code of conduct and follow good professional practices.


Empower Individuals: 


Our endeavour is to empower individuals so that they are more likely to be confident, powerful individuals who are dedicated enough to come up with innovative ideas and demonstrate initiatives to achieve the goals of the company. 


Learn Constantly:


Constant learning is the most effective concept of always expanding your knowledge to know new skills and gain expertise. At Algaexam.com, we believe in encouraging the staff members to steadily learn by providing them with tools that facilitate this learning that helps to create opportunities in various ways and beneficial in the growth of our business. 


Accountability & Ownership:


At Alagaexam.com, we believe in deep ownership and accountability for the quality and success of outcomes of our work.