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Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions of use agreement carefully:-

The following agreement is a legal agreement that captures the terms and conditions of use, applicable to your use of aglaexam.com (“Web Site”), which is a knowledge-sharing platform where anyone can get relevant and desired the latest educational information in India. It is an agreement between “You” as the user of the Web Site and ALGAEXAM. The expressions “You”, “Yours” or “User(s)” refers to any individual who uses or accesses the Web Site for a certain purpose.


By subscribing to or interacting with other User(s) on or entering into negotiations in provided services or using the Web Site in any manner for any purpose, You agree and undertake that You have thoroughly read, understood, and accepted the Agreement.


The Terms shall govern the access to and the use of the website www.algaexam.com (the “Website”) that can be accessed through mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets which include complex computer software, collaterals, connected media, and online or electronic documentation. ALGAEXAM holds the ownership of the Website and by using or accessing the Website; You wish to be or agree to be bound by the Terms.


Please read carefully these Terms and the privacy policy available at http://www.algaexam.com/privacy-policy (“Privacy Policy”) which together forms a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between You as the user of the website and the company in association with your use and access to the Website and the certain information offered thereunder.


It is a request that please go through these Terms thoroughly and stop continuing the use of the Website and/or information mentioned until & unless You fully agree with the stated Terms.


Use of the Website (www.algaexam.com) by Users:

Users can use this Website (www.algaexam.com) for getting updated information about the top schools, colleges, universities, educational institutes, coaching institutes, and all the necessary preparation study materials for entrance exams, school studies, college entrance, talent search exams, government jobs, etc.


Grant of Rights:


  • The Website (www.algaexam.com) is owned and run by ALGAEXAM. ALGAEXAM owns all the rights, interest and title, including all intellectual property rights such as copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, patent and other proprietary rights in and to the Website the future or present up- gradations thereof and standard improvements thereto. ALGAEXAM represents that either ALGAEXAM possesses all rights, interest, and title including all copyright in the content/information mentioned on the Website or the said content /information is possessed by their respective owners who have licensed the right to ALGAEXAM.


  • The Company provides the User a limited, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to get access to the Website and to use the information offered therein conformity with the Terms. The Terms shall not and do not transfer any proprietary or ownership interest in the Website and/ or services offered by the Company to You. 


  • You may not (1)use the Website (www.algaexam.com) for rental, time-sharing, or service bureau purposes; (2) make the Website, in part or in whole, available to any other individual, business or entity; (3) upgrade the contents of the Website (www.algaexam.com) or make in use such content for any public display, any commercial purpose, any performance, sale or rental other than proposed in the Agreement; (4) make any change in the Website or merge the Website with any other website or software or services not approved or provided by ALGAEXAM.


  • You may not knowingly use the Website in such a way that is illegal or harmful for ALGAEXAM, its employees, directors, affiliates, partners, distributors, and/or data or content shared on the Website. 


  • You agree that Your access to this Website will be subjected to the restrictions as follows - (1) You will not modify or erase any content on the Website including disclaimers, legal notices, proprietary notices such as copyright, trademark logos or symbols that You have not to own or have express permission to make the modification; (2) You may not reverse engineer, or disassemble the software, source code, etc. on Website, or You may not abolish trademark registration, any copyright, or other proprietary notices from the Website. (3) You may not engage in any form of disrupting, antisocial, or destructive acts, including “spamming”, “flooding”, “flaming”, “trolling”, “griefing” and “phishing”  as those terms are usually understood and make in use on the internet and (4)You may not host, upload, display, modify, transmit, publish, update or share any data or information that —belongs to another individual and to which the user has not got any right to; is harmful, harassing, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous defamatory, libelous, paedophilic, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or ethnically, racially objectionable, encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise illegal in any way i.e. infringes any trademark, patent, copyright or other proprietary rights, disobey any law for the time being in force; threatens the integrity, unity, defense, security or sovereignty of the nation, friendly relations with foreign countries, or prevents inspection of any offense or is disrespecting any other nation.


  • You will instantly make the US aware of any suspected breach in the security of the Website of which You get to know, or any unlawful use or leak of information obtained from the Website, and You will take necessary steps to mitigate the breach or suspected breach and will assist Us in mitigating and investigating such breach.



At this phase, the access to the Website and the offering therein are free of cost. ALGAEXAM, however, reserves its rights to charge a certain fee for using or accessing the Website and/or the offerings therein in the near future. 


Disclaimer and Exclusion of Warranties:


  • The Website and the information shared in it are available without ant warranty of any kind, implied or expressed, including but not limited to the implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. You are solely taking the responsibility for any and all actions taken or made on the website including incomplete or inaccurate information. It is undertaken that in no event the company shall be liable for any specific, consequential, indirect, exemplary damages including but not restricted to loss or profits of revenues, loss of data/information, loss of use, whether a claim for any such damage or liability is introduced upon breach of contract, breach of negligence, warranty, strict liability, even if the company has been informed about the possibility of such damages occurring. The company disclaims all and any liability for wrong transmissions and loss of service caused by failures of telecommunication service providers, internet service providers, or the operating system.


  • You acknowledge the other user’s use of the website and the information shared on it.  Such users have pledged to comply with Terms set out with them and our procedures & policies concerning the use of the website or information shared on it; however, actions of such users are beyond our supervision & control.  Respectively, we do not assume any liability for or relating to any devaluation of the privacy, confidentiality, security, availability, integrity, or restricted use of any information on the website occurring from any user’s actions or failing to act.


  • Although we work with the objective to make the Website and the information provided therein is accessible all the time, the Website and the information shared on it may be not available from time to time for any particular reason including, network failure, routine maintenance, specific service issues. Furthermore, many sections of the Website or the information given on it may get interrupted, terminated, or suspended from time to time. The company shall not be responsible for any loss of business or any damage caused due to any such suspension, interruption, or termination of the Website or the information provided therein.


  • We specifically disclaim any liability to the consequences causes due to Your use of the Website or the information provided therein. 


Limitation of Liability:

  • In no circumstances, the company including its managers, respective officers, members, employees, directors, successors, assigns, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, agents or attorneys, will be liable to you for any incidental, direct, indirect, punitive, special, consequential or exemplary damages occurring from any (1)use of or access to the Website or the information provided therein;(2) certain mistakes, errors or inaccuracies of data, content, marks, information, substance or material available on the Website or the information provided on it;(3) any illegitimate use of  or access to our servers or any and all personal or financial information kept therein;(4) any virus, bug, Trojan horse or much like these which may be pass on/transmitted to or through the Website by any third party;(5) any cessation or interruption of transmission to or from the Website;(6) any disparaging, illegal or offensive conduct of User or any third party;(7) any use of information, data, mark, content, substance or material on the Website emailed, posted, transmitted or made available on or through the Website whether based on contract, warranty, tort, or any other legal concept, and whether or not company is aware of the possibility of occurrence of such damages.


  • The foregoing limitation of liability can be applied to the fullest extent approved by law in the relevant jurisdiction. Not combating the above, in the event company should have any liability to any third party or to You for any harm, loss or damage, You and company undertake that such liability will under no circumstances surpass the value of the subscription fees taken by the company from You in the previous twelve months in association with the use of the Website and the information provided therein. You and the company undertake that the foregoing limitation of liability is an accepted allocation of risk between the company and You. You accept that without your consent to this section, the company would not give access to the website and the information provided on it, to You.



You agree to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the company, and its members, managers, officers, directors, employees, successors, subsidiaries, service providers, suppliers, affiliates and agents against and from all claims, obligations, losses, damages, liabilities, costs or debt and expenses occurring from Your access to, use of the Website or the information provided therein; Your infringement of any third party right, including property, copyright, proprietary, intellectual property or privacy right; Or any assertion that your submitted data or content caused damage to a third party or violate any third party intellectual property. This indemnification and defense obligation will remain in these Terms and Your use of the Website.  If You have an argument or dispute with one or more users, You release the company and its members, managers, officers, directors, employees, successors, subsidiaries, service providers, suppliers, affiliates and agents from all claims, damages, demands of every type occurring due to the use of the Website or the information given therein forever.


Termination / Suspension /Modification:


  • At any time, the company may abolish its legal agreement with You if You have infringed any provision of the Terms. The company may also deactivate Your account if You are unable to pay the fees when and as required.


  • If You want to unsubscribe from ALGAEXAM, You can email to the company’s email id to unsubscribe it. You can terminate this Agreement with the company by not using this website anymore.


  • We may modify or make changes on the website and its information given on it from time to time, so it is recommended to review these Terms regularly.


  • We have the right to providing you notice regarding the termination or suspension of Your use of Website, without liability: (1) to adhere to any order issued or proposed to be issued by any government agency;(2) to adhere to any provision of law;(3) if performance of any of these Terms by either party that causes a violation of the law.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

The interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of any dispute occurring under this Agreement will be guided/ governed by the laws of India and the courts in Delhi. The parties to this Agreement hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi, (India). 


Copyright Infringement Take Down Procedure:

The Company has immense regard for intellectual property and anticipates the same level of standard to be maintained by the Users. Company may, in unfavorable circumstances and at its discretion, abolish the Account or restrict access to the Website to Users who breach upon the intellectual property rights of others. If you are sure that your work has been uploaded, copied, and posted on the Website in a manner that constitutes copyright or trademark infringement, please let the company know.


Other Websites:

ALGAEXAM may have links to other websites. Please note that when you are clicking on one of these links, you are getting into another website/application over which we have no command/control and will not take any responsibility. Often these websites/applications enter into Your personal information. We suggest You read the privacy statements on all such applications or websites as their policies may vary from ours. You undertake that we will not be liable for any infringement of your privacy of personal information or loss occurred by your use of these websites /applications. We are not even responsible for the privacy policies/terms of use of other websites. This Terms of Use only governs the use of or access to the Website.


Circumstances beyond our control:

ALGAEXAM will not have liability to You for any insolvency to give access to the Website or the offerings or any lag in doing so which is resulted by any circumstance beyond our control including network access or breakdown of systems, flood, explosion, fire, or accident, etc.



The failure of ALGAEXAM to enforce any right or provision of these Terms and Conditions does not include a waiver of such provision or right.



We take effective security measures and procedures, and of course as stated by applicable law, to maintain proper technical, physical and administrative security to prevent misuse, loss, damage, unauthorized access, disclosure or changes in Personal Information. While we take these efforts to protect your personal information, you agree and acknowledge that no system or transmission of data/information over any other public network or Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. You need to take relevant steps to safeguard against unauthorized access to your phone, password, and computer. We are not responsible for the unlawful use of your information or for any stolen, lost, compromised passwords, or for any activity on your Account via unapproved password activity.